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The X-ray Museum


Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. via Wikimedia Commons
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. via Wikimedia Commons

The X-ray Museum in Remscheid-Lennep North Rhine – Westphalia was opened in 1932 in honor of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen son of the town Lennep, at the time the biggest and famous town for cloth making in the area, was born on the 27. March 1845 (†10. February 1923 in Munich).

On the 8th November 1895 while working for the University of Würzburg Wilhelm produced and detected electromagnetic radiation aka X-rays or as we say here in Germany Röntgen Strahlen. Wilhelm refused to put a patent on his discovery so that society could benefit from its use. I’m sure most of us has had the need of a x-ray in our lifetime so far indeed I have to thank you very much Wilhelm, for your service and refusal.

For his work he was the first person to win the Nobel prize in physics in 1901.